Sports Day

On Tuesday, the whole class travelled the Leeds Beckett University playing field to enjoy a day full of sports. The day involved both track and field events, including old favourites, such as egg and spoon race, 100m sprint and relays.

4K absolutely loved the day and not only got involved, but supported their peers, friends, as well as supported anyone in their house team.

In 4K, the winner was Turnberry, but in the KS2 competition, the winners were…


Well done to all those that took part. Here are some of John’s amazing snaps from the day:

What a lovely day and how lucky were we with the sun coming out around midday!

Check in soon!

New Class Photo!

Last week, our class got together for their first whole class photo of the whole year! The children were really excited to get their final picture together as a class.

As you can see, we brought some of our hobby-horses along, as we thought they really showed our personality, as a class that absolutely love the Romans.

What a snap we have achieved:

4K’s final class photo

What lovely smiles we all have!

The Invasion of Lindisfarne

Hello everyone!

This week the children have been busy learning a newspaper report on the Battle of Lindisfarne of by heart.

They created some lovely actions to go with the story, and as you can see have an excellent memory of the newspaper report.

Have a look at their amazing work here:

Well done to all the children this week! This was a tricky text to learn, but as you can see, they did amazingly.

Have a great weekend! Catch you next week.

States of Matter

This week, we have begun our ‘States of matter’ topic. The children were really excited to learn about the structure of each state, and begin to think about how particles behave within each one.

Here are some pictures of the children using their bodies to behaves like a solid…

Particle Model of Solids, Liquids and Gases | Chemstuff

Such an exciting exploration of a new topic!

Final Half Term!

What a wonderful week of sunshine!

This week, 4K have shown their teacher just how much they can remember from the Roman’s topic, as well as displayed their eagerness to get started on the Vikings topic.

viking-cartoon – Greenhill Community Library
A Viking Warrior

Our new class novel for this term is Odd and the Frost Giant by Neil Gaiman, which 4K are keen to get started on.

Odd and the Frost Giants: Gaiman, Neil: Books
Our new novel!

Fingers crossed we have a wonderful final half-term filled with sunshine and lots of celebrations!

Making Informative Videos

This term 4K have been working really hard in computing with the aim of making an informative and animated video about whaling.

As you can see, this incredibly tech-savvy class have produced some really amazing videos about whaling.
Videos about the history of whaling!

Click on the links below to watch the videos on Youtube!

Well done to you all!

Analysing Pentecost Artwork

Last week, we started to look at different artists interpretations of the Pentecost. We look at five main pieces of artwork and examined which parts of the Pentecost narrative were prominent in these pictures and picked out any symbolism we could see. The children then presented their ideas.

Thanks for taking a peek at our blog!

Talk for Writing – Moby Dick

This week, we challenged ourselves to retell the first chapter of Moby Dick, of by heart. The children were fully engaged with coming up with the actions, and making a brief story map to help guide them through. Take a look at how we did!

Thanks for watching!