R.E: What does Pentecost mean to Christians?

This term we have been exploring the celebration of Pentecost. What is it and what is means to Christians. To begin this topic we thought about the Feast of Pentecost and how this spread the messages of God around the world.

For those who are not familiar with Penetcost, this is when it is celebrated:

The Christian holiday of Pentecost is celebrated on the 50th day from Easter Sunday. It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks, as described in the Acts of the Apostles.

As part of this unit, the children have been looking at Pentecost artwork and are now in the process of designing some of their own based on some the symbols we have found within this unit.

Christian artwork

Here are some pictures of the children in action:

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