Science – Food chains

‘What would happen if we removed a section of a food chain?’

That was the question that 4K have been discussing this week and we have come to some worrying conclusions.

As part of our science lesson this week, we investigated this issue, by using counters to represent the producers and consumers, and dice to decide their fate. Will they have enough food to reproduce OR will they not have enough food and starve?

Have a look at the pictures of our investigation below:

Some of the findings were:

  • If an animal was removed from the food chain, it had a knock on effect on the other animals in the chain.
  • Producers are essential to the food chain, as they provide the energy that gets passed on.
  • The sun is the original source of the energy – so that too is essential!
  • Humans have impacts on food chains, even if they themselves do not eat any of the animals or plants in them. This could be via cutting down trees (deforestation) OR spraying pesticides.

As you can see 4K have a very clear understanding of how food chains work, as well as their importance within ecosystems.

Check in soon!

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