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Welcome to class 4K at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Miss Kallend, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Miss Kallend

A warning tale

In Talk for Writing, 4K have been learning the hand actions to a suspense story or warning tale. This has been an exciting story to learn and we are now nearly ready to start planning our own version of a warning tale.

As parents found out at our Arts fortnight, the Talk for Writing process starts with learning the hand actions, we then begin to unpick some of the key features of that genre and create a toolkit of features we could use when writing. I can’t wait to see what 4K come up with for their own suspense tale.

Check out the videos below:

Great job 4K!

No Pens Wednesdsay

This week, we were very happy to find out that on Wednesday we would not be using ANY PENS!!

No Pens Wednesday is a National day to celebrate learning without pens and to reinforce the importance of oracy and speaking within learning.

We completed a range of activities throughout the day including Maths and alphabet yoga, drawing times table flowers outside and active fronted adverbials. In the afternoon, we created our own Celtic village with lots of different roles such a spinners, weavers, cooks, hunters, farmers and blacksmiths.

What an enjoyable day!!

Anti-bullying week

This week the children have been learning about bullying and we spent some time creating poster for a picket this morning. The children came up with chants and worked together to raise awareness.

Well done to all the children that were involved.

For more information please visit: https://anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/anti-bullying-week/anti-bullying-week-2021-one-kind-word

4K Arts Fortnight

Well done 4K!

You have absolutely blown me away this week with your hard work and dedication to making this afternoon a success.

Your behaviour was immaculate, your dance went off without a hitch and you showed your parents your work with pride!

Please take a look at the videos I have uploaded to youtube:




I hope you enjoy these amazing videos and are as proud as I am of what the children have achieved over these two weeks!

Miss Kallend

A sneak preview of our Arts Fortnight…

This week 4K have been had an amazing time with Mrs Johnston in the Art studio. We have been learning through art, drama, dance and design and technology. It has been exciting and engaging for all children, and a chance to have a go at more practical activities.

Firstly, we split up into the Romans and the Celts. Next, we began to explore the differences between the two groups and how their art work reflects the communities and technology of the time.

Check out some of the pictures below. We don’t want to give too much away before our celebration next week, so all photos and a video will be uploaded then.

The Festival of Saturnalia

We were lucky enough to have a visit from a Roman soldier this week in Year 4. This Roman soldier introduced us to the Festival of Saturn, a very special day in Ancient Rome.

Each of us had a role within the festival. We had curiales (councillors), market traders, bathing ladies, slaves and Roman soldiers in training. It was a very busy market!

Next, we were introduced to the Roman gods!

Finally, we were lucky enough to be entertained at the Colesseum.

Can you guess who is behind the masks? And who won?

A big thank you to Matthew Bellwood for such a fantastic day!

Week Three in Y4!

Talk for Writing

We are now on the part of our Talk for Writing where children are beginning to ‘innovate’ their story based on our Cinderella rags to riches text. They are experimenting with vocabulary and using the writing toolkit we created as a class. We have had some fantastic innovations, including: Prince Charming finding a golden ticket to the ball and entering the decadent hallway; the Stepmother becoming lost on the way to the ball in a dark, dense forest and the Stepsister being locked in the cupboard by her other sister! Next week, we will look at thinking of a completely new rags to riches story and allow children to write independently about this. They are really loving the whole process and we are loving all of their imaginative ideas!

Our Talk for Writing washing line to illustrate the sequence of learning across the Cinderella unit.

Generosity Week

The Church of England have titled this week ‘Generosity Week’. Across the nation, church communities have been looking at the meaning of generosity for Christians. This week, we have been exploring the meaning of generosity and considering how we can demonstrate this in our every day lives.

Our reflection area that evolves each half term with our collective worships

The Digestive System!

We have also been analysing our findings from our eggs in different liquids investigation! The shell on the eggs represent teeth; we have observed the eggs over time to find out WHICH liquid is worst for our teeth! We wonder if you can ask your child at home what the findings were. The children are loving this Science unit.

Can you recall the different names for each tooth?

What laws would you make if you had your own island?

This week, 4K began to think about democracy, as well as the idea of laws. The children were asked to come up with their own island name, logo and create ten laws that the tribe on their island must follow. There were some weird and wonderful ideas, but everyone began to understand the differences and similarities between laws and rules.

Sunset Island

After we had completed our logo design, some children were asked to present their island and the rules to the rest of the class. At this point, we engaged our listening skills, and asked questions at the end.

Asking questions